Congratulations on your upcoming birth and
thank you for your interest in our services!  
We will have fun together!
    My name is Jill Dillner, and it is my
    privilege to provide you, and your family,
    with labor and birth support.  I will work
    with you, and your spouse or partner,
    to make this birth an empowering
    experience for everyone.  

    I will be an active participant, while you
    work through your labor.  I will employ
    comfort measures to help you ease your
    pain, including massage, positioning and

    Your body knows what to do!  

    I will give your body the attention it
    needs, and keep your mind entertained.  
    I have an "unconventional" sense of
    humor and my focus on you, lets me
    know, when laughter is needed.  
    I mentioned earlier, we will have

    I am committed to providing loving and
    caring support to my clients and their
    families.  I believe in the strength and
    power of a woman.  If left to her inborn
    capabilities, most births will progress
    smoothly, happily and naturally.

    Birth is a transition for women, and I will
    do my best to make this a celebration of
    your rite of passage. I want to help you
    achieve the birth you desire and deserve.  

     Your "birth"day should be the        
           best day of your life.  
The knowledge that each
and every childbirth is a
spiritual experience has
been forgotten by too many
people in the world today,
especially in countries with
high levels of technology.
----Ina May Gaskin
Spritual Midwifery
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    My name is Kristy Lauricella and
    I desire to support and empower you
    during this blessed time of your life.
    I am a highly sensitive and deeply
    compassionate woman who has been
    called to serve.

    As a mother, I relate to your joy and
    pain, your desire to have a healthy and
    happy pregnancy and birth experience.
    And your wish to maintain your health
    and happiness once your little one arrives.

    As a certified holistic health coach, I will
    help you make informed decisions about
    your own (and your baby’s) nutrition
    along the way. I will guide you to
    establish attainable wellness goals for
    strength and healing once baby has

    As a teacher, I will provide resources and
    tools for you to access and apply to your
    pregnancy so that you can make
    informed decisions. I can help you
    communicate your needs and desires to
    those involved in the birth of your child
    in the form of a birth plan. And to record
    and remember the day’s special
    moments by writing your own birth story.

    As a mother who has experienced doula
    support, I know how essential the role of
    a doula can be on your “birth” day.

    I want to support you as you engage in
    this primal experience, surrender and
    allow yourself to be fully immersed on
    this transformative day. May it be filled
    with joy and peace.
We are also proud chapter
leaders of  NJ BirthNetwork
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