I admit, the Royal Family fascinates me!  According to Life & Style Weekly, Kate is expecting baby #3 with Prince William.  If it's true, congratulations to the growing family!

Like many of us regular non-royal moms, Kate has had rough pregnancies dealing with hyperemesis and bed-rest.  I was sick through the entire duration of pregnancy #2.  It was horrible.

However, Kate is a future Queen.  She is provided unending support by nannies, midwives, Ladies Maids and chefs...(ahhhh Downton Abbey season 6 starts soon in the US!)   

While I may be Queen of my Castle here in Morganville NJ, the staffing is sadly inadequate. If this was a Vlog, I would pan the camera.  You would see, my maid sucks and the chef did not show up again today.

So how can we get the royal treatment for our pregnancy and early days after the baby arrives?  Here are my 3 quick suggestions:

1.  Plan ahead for time to rest.  Kate has planners and schedulers whose sole purpose is to plan her day.  I have my datebook.  It's sad we have to plan to rest, but we do, so learn to use the crock-pot, follow-our Menu Monday Blog and sign-up any older kids you have for some activity that takes them out of your space for an hour or two.  We all benefit from some child-free time and they benefit from some mommy-free time.

2.  Surround yourself with people who are positive support.  A good friend who just agrees because she know it's what you need to hear, and then gently nudges you in the better direction.  ie:  Me:  I am going to eat this entire box of Ghirardelli chocolates and follow them with a bottle of wine! Friend: Sounds AWESOME!  How about I take you for a milkshake and a pedi instead?

3.  Plan for "after birth support".  If you can afford a nanny, hire one.  If not, this is the time to put some cash aside for a postpartum doula.  Kate has them, we should all have them.  A Postpartum Doula comes to you and does all the things that Kate's staff does for her. She helps mom with self-care, she helps care for baby, she helps you spend time with older siblings, she makes sure you are eating and showering, she listens to you and makes sure you are healthy in body and mind!  She gets it.

Most importantly she treats you like a queen.  

Not in the creepy "smoking in the alley complaining about uppity nonsense" way.  In the "I will listen and support you without judgement" way.  It's time we all got treated like Kate.  
It takes a special kind of person with a great deal of patience and compassion and training to support a new mother.  And we have plenty of them!

Call us now at 732-754-9551 to see how we can treat you like a Royal.

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew one of the things I wanted to try out, was cloth diapering. Not only was it good for the environment, but it seemed like a great way to save some money.

But where to start?

After a bit of digging around the internet, I found Green Mountain Diapers (GMD). They are the industry standard specializing in selling organic cloth diapers and they have incredibly detailed information on every product they sell. It was on their website that I learned exactly:

  • how many cloth diapers I need
  • how to plan for newborn stage through the first year
  • how to store and clean cloth diapers.
As a novice to the world of cloth diapering, I wasn’t aware that there were so many different types of cloth diaper.

I started off with “prefolds”, these are the classic squares of cloth pre-folded and stitched together for extra absorbency. I paired with my GMD favorite the “work-horse fitted“. They snap together like a disposable diaper, but is made of cloth (both made by Cloth-eez). Both required water-proof covers.  You can see exactly what I’m talking about here.

I’ll admit, I was in a little over my head in the first few weeks with the pre-fold diapers. How the hell was I supposed to fold and pin a diaper in the middle of the night, when I couldn’t even find the strength to change my own pants?

Many afternoons were spent watching YouTube tutorials on folding techniques, I finally found my groove. Thanks youtube (They literally have EVERYTHING on youtube. Want to learn how to make a felt Llama or how to make your own perfume from unicorn tears? Youtube it. )

It was after I had my routine down with the fitted and pre fold diapers that I began to wonder what other types of cloth diapers there were. I wanted something that would simplify my life without having to buy disposables. I mean, GMD couldn’t be the only company to sell quality cloth diapers right???

So I began looking and discovered BumGenius. After a little research, I decided to give their one size pocket style cloth diapers a shot. All I have to say is “EUREKA”! I didn’t need to carry an obnoxious stash of cloth with me or fumble with snaps and folding, I had found the solution to my problems!

With several rows of snaps, this diaper allows you to adjust the size as your child grows from an 8lb new born all the way to 35+lb toddler. It was called “pocket style” because you added inserts in a pocket behind the stay-dry lining, making it as absorbent as you want! (Great for heavy wetters) I was able to continue using the prefolds as the inserts, saving myself some cash not having to purchase extras!

Don’t even get me started on the ADORABLE colors and patterns! I can’t even handle my daughter’s cute fluffy bottom toddling around in prints that are positively designer!

So if you’re looking to cloth diaper but are turned off by the idea of folding and snapping or pinning, I would definitely suggest BumGenius StayDry 4.0 as part of your stash. I also love that they’re easy enough for Dad and Grandma to use.

This chick is definitely a huge fan, and these diapers are here to stay ’til potty training!