Meet the Doulas of Wise Birth Choices

We are committed to providing loving and caring support to our clients and their families.  We believe in the strength and power of women.  Birth is a transition for women, and we will do our best to make this a celebration of your rite of passage. We want to help you achieve the birth you desire and deserve.

My name is Jill Dillner and I am the owner of Wise Birth Choices LLC.  I am a Certified Birth Doula and GentleBirth Instructor.  I have built an amazing staff of women to support you, and your family, during this life-changing event.  My goal is to provide all the resources you need to make this an empowering and positive experience.   Our doulas will be active participants in educating you, and providing the resources you need, to make informed decisions for your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

Our GentleBirth classes will set you up for a positive birth by helping you ease your anxiety, get better at managing stress and ensure you are making informed decisions based on wisdom instead of fear.  Our Best Baby Class instructors will prepare you for bringing home baby with the most extensive curriculum available.  Our birth doulas are continually trained to employ physical comfort measures including acupressure, positioning, rebozo and aromatherapy.  Our CLC staff will support your vision for feeding your baby with objective compassion.  Our postpartum doulas will provide your family with the nurturing you need to transition successfully into parenthood.

We have worked hard to provide all the services you need!

My name is Shea Coffey and I am blessed to be able to work with families during such an amazing time in their lives. Each and every birth is a new path for a family to journey upon and my goals are to assist you in obtaining the best experience possible for your mind, body, and spirit.

I look forward to building a level of trust & friendship with my clients so that they know they can come to me with any concern, question, or notion. I believe that the mind and body both need to be nurtured during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. I use many different techniques including rebozo, acupressure, meditation, & Reiki, but never overlook how helpful a good laugh or massage can be during birth.


My name is Anna Gourlay.  While having 8 children ranging in age from 21 to 6, I understand the need for support while mothering a newborn and having a family. As your postpartum Doula, it will be my privilege to support you both physically and emotionally during the early postpartum period while you are adjusting to your family life with a newborn.

As your Doula I can help by relieving some of your daily tasks that may become stressful during your early postpartum period.  You can benefit from support with breastfeeding, newborn care, sibling support, meal prep, and light house work while allowing you time to rest and heal.  

My goal is to help you to become more confident in your abilities to nurture and support each other during this period of transition.

My name is Tina LaSala, my wish is to support you and your family before, during, and after your birth. Acting as your personal birth resource, providing information to empower you to make the best decisions for your family.

As your Birth doula, I can go over your questions and wishes, we will prepare and plan for what to do once labor starts, and I’ll show you how to utilize various tools and techniques to successfully labor at home or hospital. During labor I will continue to encourage and support you and your decisions.

As a sibling doula, I will care for your child(ren) while you are laboring as well as give ideas to prepare your older child(ren) for their new sibling.

As your postpartum doula, I will offer support to you and your family through the transition of a new baby, give you the time for self-care, help with meal prep, as well as provide no-cry sleep solutions.

My goal is to support the whole family.

My name is Nicole Leming and I look forward to supporting and empowering you on your postpartum journey.  I am excited to offer guidance as you and your baby learn to communicate and breastfeed.  I want you to experience the joy, relaxation and connection that comes from this beautiful bonding experience. I will observe and  coach you.  I will be there for you should there be any concerns.

This is a gift, that only you can give!

Hi, I’m Cornelia Mazzan and I feel so honored to attend births, supporting mothers like you physically, emotionally and spiritually as you bring new life into the world. I will help you to be fully informed, make educated choices, and tune into that quiet voice inside (your intuition) which will inform you on the
best path for you and your baby.

As a mother, a yoga teacher, energy healer and meditation teacher I will share my knowledge of labor, birth, and postpartum. But most importantly, I will listen to you. I want to understand who you are and what you need so that I can support you. Together we will arrange the pieces of the puzzle in order to manifest the birth you want. Birth is an elemental force that spirals through you, but by preparing as much as possible and then learning to let go and trust the process, you can truly say that you prepared and are ready for your child’s birth.

My name is Jessi Tully and I’m a mom of four girls. My enthusiasm for supporting your birth comes from my varied experiences with vaginal, cesarean, and VBAC births.  My reward is to see other women walk away from birth feeling satisfied and empowered. My goal is to help you get the information you need to make the best decisions about your care, the physical support you want, and the emotional support that you and your partner deserve.  I look forward to helping you realize your own inner strength, individually and as a team, as you bring your baby into the world.

In addition to my work as a birth doula, I will receive my certification as a lactation counselor in November 2018. I look forward to helping you create a successful breastfeeding relationship that fits your needs and desires.

I am Sarah Zadoyko and I provide birth and postpartum doula support in addition to lactation support.  As a professional Doula, I will work by your side as you prepare to give birth; present in each moment with a spirit of love and compassion.  I’ll provide the emotional, educational and physical support you need not only during labor, but throughout your pregnancy and postpartum as well. Every family is unique, so I offer personal service for each birthing experience. Regardless of what you choose, we will dive into your beliefs and expectations around labor, birth and postpartum. Together, we will explore your physical and emotional strengths and limitations to ensure you’re completely prepared.

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