Full Service Birth Doula




Our client feedback surveys have led us design a birth service package that covers EVERYTHING you need to have the best birth experience possible!    

 A 1hr complimentary consultation to review your vision for labor – during which we will answer ALL your questions   

A team of two doulas  you will not need a backup doula 

Nonjudgmental support for your decisions  this is your body, your baby and your birth!  

Up to 24 hours of birth support  

Help creating your Labor/Baby Plan to make sure you cover the topics important to you  

Access to the most current, evidencebased information and resources  

Access to our vetted list of maternity care providers   

Comfort techniques training for your partner so they can support you in early labor  

Handson pain relief techniques including aromatherapy, rebozo and acupressure   

TENS unit for pain management    

CUBComfortable Upright Birth stool – What is the CUB?  

A separate postpartum visit with each doula to review the birth and assess your transition from hospital to home.  One visit includes a breastfeeding assessment and the other an emotional assessment.  You will also be wrapped and instructed with a Postpartum Belly Wrap for optimal healing  

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