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“I am so glad I decided to have this service. The capsules have helped so much, when I was feeling down or acting weird my hubby would say did you take your placenta and when I said I forgot, he would make me go take it. Honestly amazing. I also loved the keepsakes!”
—Nicole P.

Science is slowly proving what we already know from centuries of women’s wisdom. The placenta is not a meaningless left-over of birth. The placenta is a life-giving organ, for our babies and ourselves. Our clients report the benefits of increased energy, consistent milk supply, less fluctuation of hormones and generally feeling of wellness. Many women additionally report quicker healing time, less postpartum bleeding and feeling more emotionally balanced. Our fee includes a $75 non-refundable deposit.

Our All-Inclusive Placenta Service covers:

Pick-up at your birth location & delivery back

Placenta Pills (Your choice of Traditional Method, Raw Method or combination of both)

Tincture for long-term use

Optional smoothie cubes


Cord Keep-sake

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