Loud Sounds Are Even Louder for Babies

July 4th is right around the corner and it’s time to decide where you will watch baby’s first fireworks!  You also need a plan to protect baby’s hearing during the show! Infants and toddlers have smaller ear canals, which means the sound pressure in their ears is greater than when you are an adult.

Hearing damage due to noise exposure is permanent and cumulative.

I suffered hearing loss in my left ear when I was a freshman in high school.  I had an ear infection that wasn’t painful and went undiagnosed until I woke up one day with no hearing in my left ear.  We waited to see if it would return, but it didn’t.  Since then I have been hypervigilant about protecting my remaining hearing.  Once I had my children, that hypervigilance transferred.  I made sure their ears were protected at all times.  Excessive noise levels are EVERYWHERE.  Especially in our noise-making toys, earbud/earphone use and fireworks shows.

When should you use ear protection?

  • Electronic Toys
  • Earbuds, tablets and smart phones
  • Firework Shows
  • Racing events
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Power tools

The noise-making electronic toys are the worst!  I am always shocked by the volume that comes out of electronic toys!


Quick fix for noisy toys – Place clear packing tape over the speaker!  You will be amazed at how it reduces the sound without losing the clarity.  You will find yourself covering all the speakers with glee!


Fireworks are so common growing up in New Jersey, it’s easy to forget how loud they can be based on your proximity.  The loudest I have watched are at baseball games and Disney World.


Quick fix for protecting ears – Hearing Prtection Earmuffs for your baby. They should wear them during fireworks, racing events, and any small kitchen appliance or power tool usage. Those blenders are louder than you think!


How to choose ear protection?

Earplugs are a no-go for infants and pose a choking hazard for samll children.  Don’t use ear plugs until your child is old enough to use them properly….around age 27.  Our favorite infant ear protection is Banz Carewear for Kids.  

Make sure you post a picture of your baby in their headphones, because there is nothing more adorable!


We hope these simple tips are helpful.  Want more wisdom? Message us here or call/text 732-754-9551 and we will get you set up for success!